Facelist Awards 5 years of celebrating Pan-African excellence

About The Face List Awards

Every year, a select group of pan-Africa’s most influential and innovative leaders and trailblazers are honored at The Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence (F.A.C.E) List Awards in New York City. The F.A.C.E. list Awards commemorates the work of leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists and trendsetters who have helped reshape the global community’s image of what people of African descent are capable of creating, producing and accomplishing. We search far and wide to find and celebrate those whom we believe represent and exemplify the diversity of talents and success stories that the pan-African community generates every year. Through the F.A.C.E. list Awards, we seek to not only honor their past accomplishments, but also to encourage their ongoing endeavors and future successes.

“The F.A.C.E. List is an essential platform.  By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements and impact of our trailblazers, It is our hope that their journey and success stories will inspire and motivate the new generation of African descendants.”

– Isaac O. Babu-Boateng


The F.A.C.E. List Awards salute those writers who will not let the world tell them what stories Africans “should” tell; the leaders who will not let the old guard tell them that graft and corruption are “immutable” elements of African politics; the musicians who will not let radio programmers tell them how the barring of African souls “should” sound; the entrepreneurs who won’t let executives tell them that there is a glass ceiling that Africans “can not” break. We honor those who carry the light to the dark corners of the world and show those of us following behind the paths to our own dreams.


Through the support of our generous sponsors, community leaders and organizations who share our vision of restoring Africa’s image, Face2face Africa hosts the F.A.C.E. List Awards annually in New York City. The event comprise of a pre-awards reception, where guests, honorees, and attendees can network ; the main show, where honorees are presented with their awards and share the stories of their unique journeys; and an elegant after-party, where attendees can mingle intimately with honorees.


Face2face Africa (F2FA), the producer of the F.A.C.E. List Awards, is dedicated to burnishing and re-branding Africa’s image within the larger global community. We are rooted in a belief that an intelligent, enterprising, interconnected pan-African generation deserves a discerning, eclectic, and soulful voice. We seek nothing less than to be THE VOICE of the emergent generation of African descendants. The F.A.C.E. List Awards provides the platform to do just that.