Facelist Awards 5 years of celebrating Pan-African excellence

2011 FACE List Honorees

Edward Armah


Edward Armah is a Fascinating African Committed to Excellence. Known by many as “the bowtie man,” the Ghanaian born and bred designer is enhancing Africa’s image globally through fashion. He relocated from London to the United States a decade ago with the goal of rejuvenating the men’s fashion industry with something unique and dazzling.

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After working for big names in the fashion industry such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Oxford Clothing, Edward Armah decided to take his passion for fashion to the next level and really tap into the creative and innovative mind that he enveloped. Inspired by his eclectic mix of experiences spanning his life’s journey from Africa to the United States of America, Edward Armah was ready to start his own luxury men’s furnishing goods business.

In 2009, Edward Armah founded BUTTERFLY BOWTIES LLC now EDWARD ARMAH, a company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a branded line of high-end luxury men’s furnishing goods including handmade bowties, ascots, vests and silk robes.

EDWARD ARMAH, the brand, came into being with the intent of creating the most innovative and finest men’s furnishing goods with a sense of style that men had not seen for many years. The company derived its original name from Armah’s adoration for butterflies. His handmade bowties, the first line of products he ever manufactured, resembled a butterfly. With the evolution of time, Butterfly became the line of bowties in the founder’s collection and not the brand name.

Edward Armah’s idea of a bowtie that can be worn in four different ways, has gained much popularity across borders. While some consider the invention life altering, others consider it a breakthrough in the fashion industry. Under the umbrella name BUTTERFLY BOWTIES, EDWARD ARMAH’S reversible handmade bowties have turned heads and raised brows as they manifest the true marriage between art and style.