Facelist Awards 5 years of celebrating Pan-African excellence

2015 Young African Committed to Excellence

Geoffrey Siwo

Technology, Africa and Medicine

Geoffrey Siwo is a computational biologist with key interests in the development of scalable solutions for genome medicine. As an undergraduate in Kenya, Geoffrey independently developed a novel hypothesis for HIV drug resistance through computational analysis of retrovirus-like sequences in the human genome, performing all the analysis at local internet cafes and later presenting the work at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting on anti-microbial therapeutics.

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He has continued to pioneer the development of novel methods for decoding information in DNA. In 2011, he developed the top computational model for predicting expression of natural and engineered yeast ribosomal genes using DNA sequences in the IBM led Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods (DREAM) challenges.

He leads the development of Fit2Cure- the first computer game that abstracts a fundamental step of drug discovery into a shape fitting game. He is a co-founder of Helix Nanotechnologies- a company developing a DNA based recording device that records information inside cells. He is currently based at Dartmouth Medical School where he is set to launch the first open source genetic database for African populations and educational platform for genome medicine. He is the recipient of several awards including an IBM PhD scholarship and a Young Investigator Award from Sage Bioinetworks.