Facelist Awards 5 years of celebrating Pan-African excellence

2014 Young African Committed to Excellence

Wemimo Samson Abbey

Sustainable Water, Sanitation/Hygiene Development in Africa

"We have already provided access to clean water for over 48,560 people in Bolivia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, and Nepal. We’ve also built/renovated 12 toilet facilities and awarded 51 scholarships (60 percent to girls). A recent project report can be found here. I want to provide access to clean water and proper sanitation for every school that lacks access to this basic need around the world. We’re also operating on a new model to kill our previous charity approach. We offer small infrastructure loans to help finance or rehabilitate water and sanitation systems in schools. As they’re repaid, we re-deploy loans to other schools in need of water and sanitation systems. Given current interest, we are projecting a 90 percent profit margin in the next five years." - Wemimo Samson Abbey

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Abbey Wemimo is the founder and CEO of Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE), an organization that provides access to clean and affordable water supply in developing nations by working with local people and organizations to achieve positive and measured social, economic, and environmental impacts. CWFE has provided access to clean water for more than 48,560 people in four countries. Abbey has a wealth of experience in marketing, consulting, project management, and market research. He is a fervent advocate of education and believes it should be the paramount investment in any child’s life as it empowers and expands the intellectual frame of reference. He envisions a prosperous future for Africa led by a new generation of educated, empowered, and ethical leaders.