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2015 FACE List Honorees

Donna Katzin

Ubuntu Award for Service

“The end of apartheid was Part One of the struggle. Part Two is the more difficult: To make the miracle endure…We asked you to disinvest. Now we say to you ‘Invest. Make South Africa succeed. For the sake of the world.”– Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Share This:

Shared Interest was launched in 1994 in response to the call for investment and restructuring in a country that had been torn by apartheid. Led by Donna Katzin as the founding executive director, the organization pioneered the use of partial loan guarantees to encourage commercial banks to lend to low-income black townships and rural communities throughout South Africa. Since then, Shared Interest has emerged a leading social investment fund that mobilizes the financial and human resources of South Africa’s lowest income communities of color.

Since 1994, Shared Interest through the leadership of Donna Katzin has helped to create more than 180,000 new small and micro-enterprises, 1.9 million jobs, and 120,000 affordable homes – benefiting more than 2.2 million economically marginalized South Africans. The organization is now extending its work to other Southern African countries, including Swaziland, Mozambique and Zambia.

Previously, she served as Director of South Africa and International Justice Programs for the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. She has been honored by the South-African-American Organization, received the North Star Fund’s Frederick Douglass Award and, in 2014, was honored by the South African Embassy with its Inaugural Friends of South Africa Siyabonga Award.

A board member of the Thembani International Guarantee Fund in South Africa, and the Center for Community Change in the U.S., Katzin holds a doctorate in Human Services Education and Development and has written extensively about South Africa, community development and impact investing, and is also the author of With These Hands, a volume of poetry inspired by the birth of South Africa’s democracy.